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Ciara Henderson is a Registered Nurse and Cosmetic Injector performing services in anti-wrinkle injections, dermal fillers, full-face contouring and sculpting, fat dissolve injections and PDO threads. Over the past decade, Ciara has crafted her unique philosophy based on scientific research, facial proportions and restoring confidence.

Advanced Solutions, achieving facial harmony

Believing that every face is beautifully unique, Ciara Henderson RN individually tailors each treatment to achieve bespoke results, natural beauty and pleasing symmetry. Over her career, Ciara has worked within some of the most renowned plastic surgery clinics in Australia, and built a reputation for her holistic approach that considers facial proportions and scientific research — not just trends.

Armed with this scientific knowledge, her unmatched aesthetic eye and a measuring device that ensures treatments are tailored down to the millimetre, Ciara aims to maximise every single client’s individual beauty. But it’s more than a technique: it’s a philosophy she studies and an art she practices daily.

Her specific and celebrated treatment, Syringe Sculpt, involves placing filler in strategic areas to produce effortless harmony between facial thirds, perfect the profile and sculpt features, restoring a youthful appearance and giving the illusion of being born with incredible bone structure. And while youthfulness and radiant skin is always a goal, it goes far deeper than surface level — Ciara is always striving to restore your confidence, help you feel comfortable wearing less makeup, and encourage you to celebrate your unique beauty.

With an appreciation for quality, education and safety, Ciara Henderson RN only works with anti wrinkle and filler from worldwide-leading brands, allowing her to select the optimum product for your goals. Valuing integrity and honesty, she places no emphasis on spending, and passes on advice just as she would her own family.

From skincare consultations through to injectable treatments — anti-wrinkle, fillers, skin boosters and PDO threads — Ciara offers the most advanced solutions that are long lasting, scientifically-proven to deliver the best results, and guaranteed to help you feel your best. All performed by a passionate and experienced leader in her field, in a private and luxurious purpose-built space.

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